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Bharati Parekh was born in New Delhi, India. Her art is an expression on canvas, a raga of colors, forms and textures. The work reflects a woman’s personal journey and transition from growing up in a country that is laden with a visual overload of pigment, ritual and peoples to creating a new and permanent home in the United States. Ms. Parekh describes her earliest memories as a child, “long flowing women’s saris, shining glass bangles, rich henna on hands and feet, bindi on the forehead, pictorial figurative design of folk art in homes, intricate gods and goddesses chiseled in marble stone and offering of lush flowers at the alters.”

In 1972 she started painting in Mumbai under the mentorship of modernist Prabhakar Kolte, who encouraged spontaneity in the process. He urged the artist to delve into the canvas without any preconceptions and to surrender to her intuition. Ms. Parekh’s earliest paintings were strongly figurative, but the works have since evolved and presently relate also to abstraction and primitive art. The artist employs the following medium: acrylic, oil pastels and charcoal, with the occasional placement of mirror fragments on canvas. Ms. Parekh recently had her first solo show at John Yuhanick Associates Inc., and her work has been included in local group shows held at Maryland Art Place, ID8 Gallery, the Creative Alliance at the Patterson, and recent solo shows at the Clark Priftis Art gallery located at Harbor East, and at private homes.

A friend of many charities, Mrs. Parekh has made donations of art and sales proceeds to benefit various non-profit organizations, such as the Ron Brown Scholar Fund in Washington, DC; Health Care for the Homeless in Baltimore; and Sinai Hospital's GYN-Oncology Fund in Baltimore.

Ms. Parekh has lived in Baltimore for 35 years, the longest period of time spent in any given point on the map. It is during this adult stage of her life that she has experienced the challenges and rewards of being a dedicated mother, educator, entrepreneur and artist. This body of work embraces the memories of a distant sweet youth and connects it with the artist’s organic exploration of herself in a new. She is also celebrating her life as a survivor of Ovarian Cancer.



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