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I have worked with different art mediums since 1972. At that time, in Mumbai, India, a dear friend who is presently an established artist, took me under his wings. Although I didn’t receive any formal training from him, his care and encouragement helped me remain open, that is to say, he helped me inwardly to trust my own instincts and, outwardly, to experiment with different mediums and textures.

As a result of that kind of openness, my art is purely meditative. There are no preconditions, no impositions and expectations such as style and form. In other words, my art is simply what it is: A magical experience that transforms a blank canvas into a melody of colors, forms and textures. In that sense it is also a personal experience, an experience of the unknown that often reveals to me nonverbally and symbolically, the meaning of my life – captured on canvas.

To me, my art is freeing. In allowing the unknown to speak through my fingers, through my eyes and my mind, there is a sense of peace, love and universal connection. And it is this experience that brings me back again – and again to the empty canvas.

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